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Best In Genre Murder Mystery Thriller From Author A.R. Simmons

The Daughter (The Richard Carter Novels Book 10)


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Two days ago, Shara McGregor, the girl whose face adorns the junior college billboard on the highway, headed west to Springfield. A bright future lay ahead. After she completed her undergraduate degree, her mentor, former State Senator Willis Sparkes would pull the right strings to get her into a good law school. Despite her humble origins, the small-town girl seemed destined to be among the “movers and shakers.” However, Shara never made it to Springfield. Yesterday, two counties away, three drunken teenagers found her car hidden in the woods near an abandoned cemetery in the Irish Wilderness area. Having lost the keys to their own car, they “borrowed” it to go home for another key. When a deputy stopped them, he found blood in the car—lots of blood. What happened to her shouldn’t have. She wasn’t that kind of girl. Don’t imagine that everyone in a small town knows everything about everyone else. There are secrets. And there is evil to match anything in the wider world. If Shara had a secret that cost her life, what was it? Maybe it was someone else’s secret!


Our review......

An intense and compelling read, The Daughter proves a superb addition to The Richard Carter series with Simmons taking his tried and tested formula and adding a particularly impressive twist. From its opening pages, it grabs you and never lets go with Simmons maintaining a calculated balance between suspense and transparency which armchair detectives will find wholly addictive. It’s certainly a riveting tale with plenty of forward momentum. The action is measured, the twists served with perfect timing, bringing together all the elements readers expect from the best in the genre. Not just in the makings of a well-conceived plot, but in the quality and depth of the characters Simmons creates. A rich and diverse ensemble that are sharply observed whilst nicely nuanced dialogue gives voice to each to create a genuine air of authenticity which rarely falters. As with other releases in Simmons long-running series he aims to keep us guessing and he achieves it with admirable ease to deliver another genuine page-turner.


Unerringly entertaining, The Daughter rightly deserves a place on your bookshelf

and is highly recommended.

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