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An intellectual history of the present, The Decline of Democratic Society in the New Age outlines the events that have led the world into its current state of political and economic demise. Tyranny in its modern forms is identified and discussed. The book abounds with original, often provocative ideas that make it a new foray into critical theory. History and modern humanity are explained through psychological, biological, and cultural analyses that are eloquent and easy to understand. In the end, the reader is presented not just with all the relevant history that has led up to today's world, but with new perspectives of the past and order within today's deveopled societies. Includes thirteen images, in both colour and black and white. The second edition contains twenty-three pages of additional narrative.


Our review......

Whilst many commentators still feel uneasy writing about fascism those who do tend to fall between those who want to scare their readers and those who want to inform. Erring towards the latter the two The Decline of Democratic Society in the New Age proves a challenging and deeply informed must-read for anyone seriously interested in geopolitics and the shape of the future as Soriano  methodically explores the complexities of capitalism and the immense influence of money on politics and growing inequality. At a tad under 150 pages he keeps it succinct with his chapters on The Failure Of Conservatism: Facism Ascending and The End Of Prosperity: Let There Be No More Money making for sobering but powerful reading. In his own words Soriano dosen’t set out to dictate a comprehensive agenda but what he has achieved is a thought provoking text that demands reflection and is underpinned by a comprehensive definition of facism in  an ever evolving contemporary context. Whether you agree with him or not he begs the questions we should all be asking if democracy is to survive and the concept of individualism is to endure as more than a faded footnote in the annals of history.


A fascinating read for mavens and those with enquiring minds who fear for our

freedom of thought and expression The Decline of Democratic Society in the New Age

is recommended without reservation.

An intellectual history of the present.


The Decline of Democratic Society in the New Age: Second Edition

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Equinox One- The Shores of Disillumination is a controversial portrait of modern North American society. Both liberalism and feminism come under the gun in a complex drama that combines serious, analytical commentary with bold comedy. Replete with unique and beautiful images to accentuate the reading experience, Equinox One is the first in a trilogy of plays but can be read on its own without further reference to the ones that follow. The story involves Hermes, a hedonistic writer trying to survive in an environment very hostile to his personal and professional aspirations. The intellectual aggression of Hermes, however, ensures that the unrelenting waves of decadence never engulf him or his dreams. The play hilights many trends that have developed or are currently developing in North America- in politics, culture, and human relations. Discretion is advised for sensitive readers.   READ OUR FULL REVIEW HERE

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