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The purpose of this book is to examine the Earth Experience in a way it has never been examined before. This book will address questions mankind has always pondered but will never actually discover the answers to during their lifetimes. Provide possible answers to these questions, or as a minimum propose ways of looking at these questions in a different light then traditionally viewed, that will hopefully help you look at these questions in perhaps a different perspective then you currently do, and may begin to help you process information, questions, and your own thoughts from a different light. Hopefully this book will help you determine your own perspective on life. Hopefully this book sparks your path to determine your own answers about life’s mysteries. Once you do determine your beliefs you will find a level of peace and serenity you may not currently have. You will value, appreciate, and enjoy your life more. The book also discusses the direction and current state of human affairs both nationally and globally.


Our review......

How To Train A God may well have changed your outlook on life. It was a powerful introduction to Hunter's thoughts on the soul but The Earth Experience How To Understand And Adapt To A Changing World proves a far more intimate exploration of his thinking. Many of us believe we have little control over our circumstances and therefore struggle to find meaning out of the things which happen to us. There are countless books dedicated to the subject but Hunter presents a view that is both original and refreshingly devoid of abstract complexity whilst central to his thinking is his position on the soul. An overwhelming majority believe if there isn’t a God and no religious truth, then life is inherently meaningless and it’s in this area of thought that Hunter truly distinguishes himself. By lending his thoughts to the role of the soul he brings clarity and meaning which allows us to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose. More importantly, he maintains a contemporary frame of reference to global issues with an emphasis on learning from our experiences so that we may achieve a higher level of being.


Profound and intelligently presented, it is hard to imagine anyone reading The Earth Experience and not finding themselves approaching life with renewed vigour. A superb introduction to the words of C O Hunter it is highly recommended.

How To Understand And Adapt To A Changing World.


The Earth Experience

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About C O Hunter

C O Hunter is a military veteran and the owner and publisher of Impact Change Now Incorporated (ICN). My books include the "The Earth Experience" and " How To Train A God". The author’s intent is to provide thought provoking content that allows others to hopefully see the World in new ways and hopefully provide the reader a better reading experience and outlook on life.


ICN was established to encouraging public participation, contribution, and ownership of global and communal issues. ICN promotes improvement, growth, and changes globally through the exchange of ideas, information, and providing accessible resources, and encouraging each individual to conduct their own individual assessments of all current programs, structures, operations, policies, and procedures that impact their daily lives now. The intent of Impact Change Now is not to provide opinions, but encourage each individual human being to develop, re-affirm, and form their own individual opinions, principles, and ideas.

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