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The game-changing Book 2 of The Kota Series!


For the Kota Warriors, everything has changed. Trok has abandoned them. Cruelthor has disappeared. They're cut off from Earth, never to return. On their own, what purpose do they serve now?


Ebon is a desolate planet never meant for human life. The Ebonite colonists have long been trying to exterminate the native Kynajabi creatures, and the Warriors soon find themselves entangled in the turmoil of their new world. The Warrior Seer becomes a god-prophet, working to guide the suffering citizens and veterans of the Kynajabi Eradication Effort. The Hunter and the Fighter continue the search for Cruelthor, but soon an unexpected source tells them of a new mission. And the Warrior Leader? Well, it's up to Cliqani to heal her mysteriously resurrected Earthling patient, who may be able to save the colonists from the native beasts. However, it's Trok's Ebonite friend who holds the secret to restoring peace for Ebon and its inhabitants. Together, the Warriors and their Ebonite hosts must learn to sacrifice for the benefit of others - even others most alien.


Always original and compelling, Sunshine Somerville continues the tale of The Kota as she adds a thrilling new dimension to her epic saga and it’s sure to captivate your imagination. It isn’t an easy genre for authors to distinguish themselves and competition remains fierce, but Somerville has definitely made her mark with her imaginative world building prowess. She laid the foundations in The Kota and whilst she relies more on genre tropes this time around she still manages to instil them with her own distinctive perspective. There’s certainly nothing pedestrian about Somerville’s work. She instinctively understands the devices of her chosen genre and what it takes to stand out. Delivering another superb story with gathering momentum, she moves beyond the plight of The Kota to introduce a raft of new and vividly rendered characters that draw readers into her ever evolving distant world whilst dulling the edge of predictability with opportune revelations that keep the pages turning.


A rousing and highly satisfying page turner, The Ebonite and Her Earthling proves a fine addition to The Kota saga and is sure to be well received by fans of the series and beyond. It is recommended without reservation!

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The Ebonite and Her Earthling

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