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The Emperor of Babylon has captured Zurga - a brilliant inventor - and is demanding to know how to control volcanic eruptions. He also desires iron weapons, a closely guarded Hittite secret. The emperor plans to conquer all the lands surrounding the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. He has a vast spy network and is preparing a huge army. Orfeo and Clarice, both trained as wanderers, must use all of their skills to save their friend and teacher. They must also stop the Emperor who believes himself to be a deity. Can they stop a madman that could destroy the entire region?


Our review......

A refreshing release in a crowded genre, if you were out to find a formula for the ideal Historical Fantasy The Emperor Of Babylon would certainly be in the running. Creative and entertaining,  Murray Lee Eiland Jr. has clearly done his research, bringing an air of authenticity to the era whilst his fiction is wonderfully imagined and underpinned by gripping plot threads which paint a vibrant picture of his ancient world. With plenty of intrigues and rarely a quiet moment the pace steadily builds to a climactic and impressive conclusion and altogether there’s much to recommend it, but what sets it apart from the less stalwart offerings in the genre is the quality of writing and the wonderfully drawn characters. There is a myriad to stumble across as events unfold, but it’s Zurga, Orfeo and Clarice that ultimately set the tone. Realistically portrayed and well nuanced they are interesting and likeable whilst in their back stories as Wanderers, we find the bones of series with broad appeal.


With an unchained sense of wonder and adventure,

The Emperor Of Babylon is likely to receive much praise from its readers and is highly recommended.

A rising threat from the biggest city in the world


The Emperor of Babylon (The Orfeo Saga Book 2)

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Bishop's War

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