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The resurgence of magic touches Herbert Tanasen and Teguin Dorst, who find themselves ensnared in a web of secrets. Herbert has a unique but draining magic that grows plants with breathtaking speed, while Teguin’s connection with stone is both volatile and dangerous. As Herbert and Teguin travel to the University of Praxis, the hunt to locate lost and forgotten artifacts with magic escalates around them.


The Empress of the Imperium forces Seekers to find any possible sources of magic. Little do they realize that their paths will cross with the dark and ruthless Blades, a faction searching for a legendary horn with extraordinary power. What unfolds is a breathless adventure where loyalties are tested and hearts are broken. With a cast of brilliantly multidimensional characters who face the shadows of the world with as much strength as cunning, The Emperor’s Horn is a stunning fantasy epic.


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Exceptional fantasy fiction is rather rare, but if you are a seeker of the extraordinary, that will spirit you away to a world of high adventure and wondrous magical new dimensions, then The Emperor's Horn might well mark the end of your quest. Ambitious, eloquently written, laden with conspiracy, opulent characters, and the most intriguing plot, Jordan R Murray has written a truly epic debut novel. A novel compelled by strong characterization and masterful prose, Murray goes beyond mere words to create a visual epic that conjures up her fantasy world before your eyes, building a degree of emotive resonance with her characters that ensures the reader becomes fully invested in the trials and tribulations they each face. There is much here to be applauded, the kind of fantasy adventure that lingers in the mind long after the last page is turned, but most notable of all is Murray’s ability to turn away from time worn tropes and create something fresh and original. Repeatedly, she challenges the more staid elements of the genre as she leads us toward a rewarding final chapter but perhaps, more importantly, she leaves us hungry for more.


A truly commendable debut that introduces an exciting new voice to the Magical Fantasy genre Murray is certainly an author to watch and The Emperor's Horn is highly recommended.


The Emperor's Horn: A Magic in the Imperium Novel

Epic Fantasy Adventure From The Pen Of  Jordan R Murray

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A millennium after the first Emperor of the Imperium banned the common use of magic, something is stirring, something silent, something powerful.

Crimson Quill2 A Season For Dying Pink Slips Jordan R Murray

I’m an anthropologist and archaeologist by training. BA from Gettysburg College. I’ve been lucky to travel to remote corners of the world, which include excavating Khirigsuur standing stone burial grounds in the Gobi desert of Mongolia, studying the cultivation and uses of saffron in the Sahara desert of Morocco, and diving to explore the buried Roman ruins along the Amalfi coast of Italy. That last one was just for the fun of it while on vacation; Roman ruins are fascinating.


If you’ve read my first novel, The Emperor’s Horn, it may not surprise you that ancient, mysterious objects play an important role in my writing. As an anthropologist, I’m fascinated that most people form strong attachments to objects they assign immense, personal value. Just try to take away someone’s phone, or borrow their favorite jacket, or use a jack-knife inherited from a beloved grandfather; you know the look you’ll get.

The Emperors Horn