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After a life-threatening close call with vengeful forces from their pasts, Sophie and Jamie England are focusing again on their promising future together with their children and friends on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Sophie travels to London for a business trip. She only planned to be gone a couple of days. Her intuition warns her of impending doom when she arrives at the airport in Naples for her flight, but the message is unclear. The plane crashes at the Heathrow airport in London, killing almost everyone on board. Sophie’s body isn’t in the hospital with the few survivors, and it isn’t in the makeshift morgue in hangar three at Heathrow. What remains of the other victims is beyond recognition but Sophie is still alive, but is lost in a coma with severe head injuries. A tragic twist of fate takes her outside the plane crash victim’s news story, and she is taken to a different hospital. Once she wakes, something deep inside pulls her toward Italy. Names without faces swirl through her mind, names she writes in her journal, but not much else. All she knows is she must leave London. Is the beautiful Amalfi Coast where her destiny lies, or is she fated to wander forever, never knowing who she is or what she's lost?


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The second instalment in Winkler’s explosive THE ENGLANDS series, she always brings a powerful sense of visual energy and imagination to her stories and Sophie: Coming Home is no exception. Perfect escapist reading it proves a compelling saga you will struggle to put down and it would be a cold heart that remained untouched by the plight of Sophie and Jamie England as dark forces rally against them. An extraordinary story of strength and resilience Winkler’s characters are powerfully observed and so personal it’s like she’s opened a window to their souls, each one created with the greatest care and deliberation. Riveting from beginning to end, it does everything a saga is supposed to do, and more, with Winkler tapping into our inner most fears to deliver a gripping and pulse pounding narrative which keeps us on edge. As with Book 1 in the series the plotting is tightly wound, but rather than get bogged down in explicated motives Winkler’s characters take us through a kinetic series of escalating events that give us just enough to figure out what's going to happen next whilst ramping up momentum towards what proves to be a perfectly pitched ending.


Another superbly entertaining page turner from Winkler, THE ENGLANDS Book Two: SOPHIE Coming Home, is recommended without reservation.

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Some Grudges Never Die.........

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Writing these books showed me how hard authors work on their craft.  A professional editor helped me decide it should be multiple books, not the epic novel that I was positive HBO would want to make into a blockbuster movie. I completed the split into two sections after I cut out scenes that did not move the plot forward. She and I worked together and completed the final copy and content editing for SOPHIE Lost and Found. This 2-book duet has been three years in the making. Both of them are stand alone novels.

The Englands An Unkown Woman The Potemkin Mutiny She's My Dad Sophie Coming Home

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