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Delivering another superb novel Leibowitz has done his many fans proud with a truly exceptional read.

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Compelling And Original Romantic Suspense  From The Pen Of Rebecca Winkler

THE ENGLANDS Book One: SOPHIE Lost and Found


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Once Upon a Contemporary Time.the beginning of the England family dynasty was written. Book One is a profound love story between Jamie and Sophie, with spiritual overtones of Sophie’s ability to have strong intuitions. Their profound love for each other began with instant sensual and strong sexual attraction between them. Personal sacrifices were made. Overwhelming fears were conquered. The nature of promises were of a Happily Ever After. Can they keep those promises? **Love** Lust** Secrets** Murder** Jealousy** Revenge** Greed** Sophie Winters is a strong woman who survived the worst of tragedies. After an accident took the life of her first husband, she was left a young widow living alone in Nashville with a bleak future. She receives a mysterious inheritance, and moves back to Amalfi, Italy, where she was born. Sophie hopes to find true love and have a large family. She is also determined to find answers too. Her life had been filled with eerie intuitions and unanswered questions about her father for as long as she could remember. In search for answers to those haunting premonitions, she discovers a history filled with secrets.


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From its powerful opening chapter to a cracking denouement, THE ENGLANDS Book One: SOPHIE Lost and Found proves a riveting debut in a genre that far too often suffers from a lack of originality. With an undeniable aura of intrigue and suspense Winkler delivers a stylish plot that’s brimming with cliffhangers and a narrative that benefits from perpetual momentum. The best romance novels tell stories about characters in search of the extraordinary and here Winkler uses this premise to open up the vast, still largely uncharted terrain of providence and the human heart. Marshalled around a diverse cast of vividly realised characters she doesn’t overplay them but cleverly manipulates our expectations with the mood further enhanced by a captivatingly vibrant blend of romantic tension and mystery. At times it leans towards the melancholic, but in doing allows Winkler to explore the heady and elegiac combination of eroticism and intrigue that surrounds Sophie and Jamie and gives it an authentic and urgent sense of legitimacy which permeates throughout Winkler’s prose. In the overwhelming majority of books pages are simply turned as events happen on the page but in the best books, the reader is drawn to see events as though they are experiencing them alongside the characters and on this level Winkler certainly delivers.


A pageturner you'd be foolish to miss  THE ENGLANDS Book One: SOPHIE Lost and Found

has all the hallmarks of a bestseller and is strongly recommended!


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Personal sacrifices were made.

Overwhelming fears were conquered.

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About Rebecca Winkler


Writing these books showed me how hard authors work on their craft.  A professional editor helped me decide it should be multiple books, not the epic novel that I was positive HBO would want to make into a blockbuster movie. I completed the split into two sections after I cut out scenes that did not move the plot forward. She and I worked together and completed the final copy and content editing for SOPHIE Lost and Found. This 2-book duet has been three years in the making. Both of them are stand alone novels.

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