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Author David Celley - BookViral Spotlight Review

The Florida Caper

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The plot......

A rare and valuable jewelry piece is stolen from the Palm Beach mansion of a wealthy industrialist. The piece itself, called the “Eye of the Sun,” includes fragments of the famous Hope Diamond, rumored to be cursed. The industrialist asks his nephew, Greg, to find the lost treasure, with the assistance of private investigators Mike and Tina.


The twisted trail of the Eye of the Sun leads up and down South Florida and over to San Juan, Puerto Rico, but finally ends at the mansion of a powerful drug dealer in the Bahamas. Greg uses his charm to befriend an attractive Cuban American named Flora, along with sly tipster Olivetti. With their help, Greg and his team steal the Eye of the Sun back. But just when he thinks his troubles are over, Greg begins to suspect the Hope Diamond curse to be true. He and anyone who comes into contact with the Eye of the Sun are on a downward spiral toward destruction. The only way to save their lives is to discover who stole the necklace in the first place—before it’s too late.


Our review......

A fun and original heist novel, The Florida Caper is the latest release from author David Celley. A clever read with a bold and refreshingly inventive narrative, the heist is certainly intriguing, but it’s the preamble and a wholly eclectic mix of characters that makes it a genuine gem of a tale. They’re colourful with interesting back stories and whilst Celley makes judicious use of genre tropes he always maintains that all important air of plausibility. Too many authors sacrifice plausibility in the pursuit of tension and suspense, but Celley manages to achieve both. As the pace picks up, the final staging for the heist is intelligently set up and readers will find themselves eagerly awaiting Greg’s next move when things don’t go quite to plan. On this level the plot is quite simple, but it’s the execution that makes it a real page-turner as readers are kept guessing as to the final outcome.


The Florida Caper certainly makes for a fun and relaxing read whilst proving a great introduction to other books by David Celley. One to add to your bookshelf, it is definitely recommended.

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