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Overwhelmingly candid and not easily forgotten Kellcey proves an absolute must read!

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Confederate Soldier Elliott Stone made numerous mistakes in his life. When he betrayed his comrades, he was tortured and murdered. For over a century and a half , his only refuge has been the sanctuary of the house built where he took his last breath. He was content in his solitude...until she came and disrupted his whole world. Daniella Yankovich inherited the beautiful Colonial Home. It came at a time she needed tranquility and peace from the N.Y. rat race. Little did she know her fortuitous blessing came with a cantankerous spirit. Now a Civil War of wills in the house has begun.


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With an overwhelming flood of paranormal fiction dedicated to ghostly romances it’s often hard to sort the wheat from the chaff, but author Laura Hawks has made her mark by taking a well-worn story arc and making it her own. More importantly, it succeeds in evoking the mysteries that it toys with. It’s slick without being sappy, and whilst Hawks confidently espouses the tried and tested tropes of the genre she doesn’t leave us wading through whimsy. More, there’s an enchanting delicacy and irresistible quirkiness to her allegory of loss and love where heartfelt observations go down much easier than lump-in-the-throat histrionics. Of course, it’s the characters that ultimately make a novel truly memorable and once again Hawks strikes the right balance. Daniella and Elliot are well nuanced and prove quiet disarming, together leading the plot towards some truths that are, the more you think about them, really pretty profound. It’s this amplified understanding of love that’s at the heart of her tale and which invariably makes for the best in paranormal romantic fiction.


A highly enjoyable and imaginative read which is sure to garner favour amongst fans of this ever popular genre, The Ghost and The Grimoire is strongly recommended.

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Will the North prevail or will the South rise again?


The Ghost and the Grimoire

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