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When he took shelter in the abandoned house of Morgan Street, Jake entered a close-knit community of the downtrodden and dispossessed, surviving only by selling himself on the street. Yet now, as winter approaches, the swearing of a new state governor sparks hope, and soon the house’s residents find themselves leaving, one by one, for better lives. As Jake moves into a new home, his friend Patrick, an addict, enters rehab at one of the Governor’s new rehab centers. But all is not well within the facility walls. Unexplained disappearances and a terrified message from his friend force Jake and his erstwhile ‘customer’, Chief Detective Ayden of the NYPD, to peer beneath the surface of the Governor’s plans for the homeless people in the rehab facility. It’s only when they find a strange list of crossed-off names that the former residents of Morgan Streets realize they might have been safer out on the streets.


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Compellingly readable, readers familiar with Mann’s work will know she is particularly adept at creating solid origin stories that set the tone for her characters and challenges that they will face. In The Ghosts Of Morgan Street she is once again on form giving each of her characters a distinct voice. Charismatic but without sacrificing any of the emotional honesty necessary for you to believe in them Mann’s narrative benefits from a compelling plot and a strong element of social observation. With moments of power and imagination, she writes with an acerbic pen but ensures her socially conscious bent doesn’t exude an off-putting sense of self-importance and on this level, Mann is an advocate for the ‘real life’ stories we don’t often get to read about. Illustrating how life on the margins affects the homeless and leaves them vulnerable to manipulation. Add to this the requisite elements of a clever psychological thriller and Mann’s narrative thread delivers a sense of disillusion and suppressed fear which is sure to keep her readers on edge.


Another intriguing and enjoyable read from Mann The Ghosts Of Morgan Street proves a story to which she seems particularly well suited. A must-read for fans of the genre it is strongly recommended.


The Ghosts of Morgan Street

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In the city of New York, the homeless problem has reached breaking point - but the Governor’s new enrichment program promises to change everything.

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I have always been attracted by the woods, and there I have found most of my inspirations for writing, taking important decision and harmony. I do not consider myself as having peculiar interests, everything comes and goes depending on how do I feel. A few things I truly like, besides writing novels, of course, is gardening, photography, and walk for as long as possible in the nature.

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