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When a young woman named Chandra takes the throne under suspicious circumstances, she has to solve the deaths of the King and Queen before those responsible get to her. She has to maintain peace in an empire where people consider her the number one suspect.


Derek is summoned by an official letter and his people's tradition to be Chandra's personal guard. He's immediately suspicious given that her family ruined his once-noble ancestors, but if there's no way to escape the world's largest empire, what might he do to turn the tables? Interwoven with Derek and Chandra's story is the history of their ancestors, infamous and famous, that lead them to confrontation. A new world is built before the reader's eyes, and key groundwork is laid for the impending sequels, leading to a highly detailed narrative.


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High fantasy remains ever popular, but with hordes of new books being released each month it’s a genre that has sadly fallen to the curse of cliché. It’s become increasingly harder to separate the wheat from the chaff and find the genuine gems, so when a novel like The Gift- Knight's Quest debuts it deserves your attention. A vivid and engrossing read, Dylan Madeley’s novel might be an epic series in the making, but fortunately he eschews convention and the tedium of dry, monotonous and wordy epics, by delivering a taught and highly imaginative narrative. Take it for granted that Madeley’s plot is wrought with high adventure and intrigue, that his world building is on par with the best in genre, but it’s the qualities exhibited by his characters that make this novel a cut above the rest. In Chandra and Derek he forges that elusive connection between fantasy and reality. Bringing them to indelible life, to linger long beyond the turn of his last page, they will likely prove a huge breath of fresh air to die-hard fans of the genre.


A highly original, atmospheric, and evocative debut which is sure to build an entusiastic following for Dylan Madeley, The Gift- Knight's Quest is strongly recommended.

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A new world is built before the reader's eyes......


The Gift-Knight's Quest

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Book two in  the “Gift-Knight” series of fantasy novels, The Crown Princess' Voyage, is due to be released soon. Stay tuned.

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