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As with any popular genre, science fiction has its share of clichés and anything relating to time travel is certainly one of them. Far too often novels with time travelling themes seem cobbled together from half-baked ideas with overly complicated plots so it’s always refreshing to come across something a little different. Burgauer always brings a certain zeal and element of social commentary to his novels and though The Grandfather Paradox is a step change from previous works this is still very much in evidence along with his ability to create a strong visual contrast between his futuristic characters and their incongruous settings. Particularly notable is the way in which he has weaved Mormon beliefs into the tapestry of his narrative and the consideration he’s given as to how these beliefs might change in a future science fiction world setting. This is one of the softer elements, along with the inclusion of historical figures such as Mark Twain, that distinguishes Burgauers novel from harder Science Fiction and it doing so makes it highly relatable without becoming overly embroiled in the contradictions of time travel.


Simply telling a rip-roaring science fiction adventure story that will resonate with SF readers on multiple levels, The Grandfather Paradox proves another highly enjoyable read from Burgauer and is strongly recommended.

A Highly Original Time Travelling Science Fiction Novel


The Grandfather Paradox

A Classic Time Travel Novel from  Author Steven Burgauer

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