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Jennifer, is an up-and-coming television reporter with fierce ambition and massive dreams of success. Despite the disadvantages of her orphan status in the past, Jennifer is bright and positive about the future, particularly when she spots a suspicious opportunity to make a really big journalistic discovery. Wealthy hermit Digby Barrington-Smith has rarely been seen since he was released from the investigation into the death of his wife, taking to his precious gardens instead. Under the pretence of filming a documentary about those gardens, Jennifer enters the world of the privileged landowner, only to discover that she becomes an instant target for danger.


Our Review......

A fine melding of mystery thriller and contemporary fiction, but refreshingly free of the clichés of either, The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd is the new release from Ian Kingsley, and it’s an impressive accomplishment. Kingsley has an exceptional eye for detail. In crafting a strong narrative built around sharp, unexpected twists in plot and character, it’s crucial to retain clarity — especially when writing for shrewder genre veterans, who don’t care for measured misdirection or false leads. Underscored by an acerbic pen, Kingsley maintains a prevailing sense of authenticity without the need for grandstanding or false climaxes. Jennifer Lloyd is the catalyst that makes this work. Methodical and confident as she follows her investigation, there’s a certain naiveté to her character that Kingsley teases out. It’s an inspired touch which allows for a timely infusion of humour, but more importantly it encourages our concern for her wellbeing as she pursues her pathway to fame. This is further accentuated by Kinsley’s first person narrative and paves the way for a cracking denouement. These alone are reason to turn the pages but, in the final analysis, it’s the simple elegance with which Kingsley writes that proves unrelentingly endearing.


Exceptionally entertaining, The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd proves Kingsley’s prowess as a multi-genre author and is recommended without reservation.

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The Grave Concerns Of Jennifer Lloyd

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