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What if you were a brilliant physician, trained to heal, living by the Hippocratic Oath and you suddenly found yourself stranded in the wilds of Alaska in 2013, in the midst of a research project, with no way of getting home? What would you do if this wasn't your time?


Dr. Reynolds Cully is from the year 2181. And though he was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, his current assignment - is on Mars, researching the anatomy of an ancient race which ruled that planet thousands of centuries ago. He lives there with his wife and two children, on a one year sabbatical through a Harvard grant. Now separated by 168 years and 150 million miles, he faces the constant threat of being exposed and dreams about returning his own time.


Ambitious and genuinely intriguing, The Healer is the debut novel from author Jeffrey G. Roberts. A tale with all the requisite elements to be found in notable science fiction, Roberts has added an unusual twist by sending his protagonist back in time. Yes it’s been done before, but predominantly with guns blazing and Roberts makes his foray into the past much more compelling by making his protagonist a physician. There are moral undertones to his tale which are often quite thought provoking whilst his plot is quite captivating. Overall, the devices of dialogue are handled very well and the prevailing tone ably amplifies the sense of a man out of time, which in turn provides for some interesting perspectives on humanity and the evolution of faith. Altogether engrossing, it is a hard book to read without considering the implications of time and technology and many readers will find themselves asking if they would do the same in similar circumstances.


Highly entertaining and certain to be well received by the most demanding SF fans, The Healer rightly raises expectations of future releases from author Jeffrey  G Roberts and is highly recommended.

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The Healer

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