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Far removed from the nine to five existence of normal folk, nomads of the modern age scour the hinterlands and remote corners of our globe in a never-ending quest for resources. Modern day explorers, these hard men endure months away from loved ones, exposed to foreign cultures and exotic dangers, all to scrape out a life, and perhaps find a little adventure.


An established career in the First World grows stagnant, an opportunity presents itself, and a timid man ventures abroad.


In the unforgiving world of offshore oil exploration in a small African village, Edward tentatively drifts beyond his self-imposed boundaries, and finds himself drawn deeper into an existence he cannot escape. This is Edward’s struggle with his environment as much as his own nature, and the man he desires to be.


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An adventure packed novel that feels intensely personal, enthralling is the word that readily springs to mind when describing The Helicopter Pilot. Combining the requisite elements of the genre, but refreshingly light on tropes Hoover’s debut novel is full of powerfully emotive images and the reward for his readers is a read that feels wholly authentic to its time and place. Quickly gathering momentum it’s a must-read for anyone who’s dreamed of taking to the skies in a helicopter with Hoover drawing on the breadth of his own experiences to capture the thrill of rotary flight but the intrigue doesn’t stop there. The Helicopter Pilot isn’t a novel where the contrived metaphor and struggling simile come first. Far too many adventure novels aim for a wide world lense and in doing so prove oddly un-gripping, colourless and unfocused but it’s focus, that makes for genuine page-turners and Hoover knows this. Clearly evident in well-nuanced dialogue and social commentary and thereby not only entertaining but enlightening, a feat to which many authors might aspire and few notably achieve.


A strong and highly entertaining debut from an author you must read The Helicopter Pilot not only makes recommended reading but bodes well for future releases from Hoover who is sure to build an enthusiastic following.

This is Edward’s struggle with his environment

as much as his own nature, and the man he desires to be.


The Helicopter Pilot

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Darcy Hoover lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.


He has been flying helicopters in the remote corners of the world for the past 32 years. Originally a Canadian bush pilot, he’s flown in over 30 countries, been through riots on three continents, was robbed at the end of two AK47s walking home from a bar in Benin, detained in Kenya on trumped up charges (completely unfounded), charged by elephants and black bears and moose, been covered in seal shit, has flown Princes and Presidents, and has got into far more precarious situations than he should have, with some regularity. Darcy is presently flying in Trinidad & Tobago.


Darcy had a popular running blog of his adventures, but one post was misconstrued by some official in Kazakhstan, so in self-preservation, Darcy pulled the blog entirely and started writing fiction.

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