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American journalist, Jenny Osborne, has resolved to not let fear stop her from getting a story. She accepts her first big assignment abroad to report on the war situation between the government and rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). But after she and her photojournalist, John Spencer, arrive in Kinshasa, they soon discover that things are not as they seem. Monsieur Lance Lemmand, a veteran French Intelligence Officer in DRC suspects the hand of “The Helpers” in the current political unrest. He enlists his protégé, the brilliant and handsome Pierre-Jean Philippe, to help him investigate. When Kai, a local schoolgirl, who is hiding a deep dark secret, decides to take action, she seeks out Jenny for help. Kai gives Jenny damaging information that could bring down “The Helpers.” Can Jenny’s fulfill her duty to Kai and fight her feelings for Pierre, while trying to achieve her greater goal?


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From the USA to the Congo Nelson takes us on an exhilarating journey that reflects the best and worst in human nature. A high octane spy thriller where international intrigue and covert operations dominate it proves an intelligent and instantly engaging read that masterfully maintains an ever-present balance between tension and suspense with Nelson confidently weaving complex and converging plotlines without the need to revert to genre tropes. At just under 500 pages it's a substantial novel but it proves a fast read  with Nelson shunning excessive detail in favour of crisp prose, authentic dialogue and powerful social commentary that imbues characters with a real sense of presence. Immersing readers in a shadowy world where right and wrong is often a matter of perspective it’s a hard book to put down and not least because of Nelson’s knack for creating characters with real gravitas. Jenny Osborne and Pierre-Jean Philippe are highly memorable and well-conceived but Nelson still allows them room for growth as events evolve and it makes for superb fictional dynamics.


An all-around excellent novel from start to finish, The Helpers: An International Tale of Espionage and Corruption proves a must-read for fans of this ever popular genre and it’s recommended without reservation.

American journalist, Jenny Osborne, has resolved to not

let fear stop her from getting a story.


The Helpers: An International Tale of Espionage and Corruption

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About  S. E. Nelson

Nelson is an award-winning author who writes African action-adventure stories. Topics include: friendship, espionage, imperialism, colonialism, corruption, war and human-trafficking. Nelson's first novel "Nightmare Along the River Nile" is set in Uganda and Sudan. It is about a student who was abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels and sold into slavery. The story was inspired by actual events that happened to many young people in Northern Uganda in the 1990s.


Nelson's second novel "The Helpers" is an action-packed international tale of espionage and corruption, which is set in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Europe and United States. Although the story is fictitious, much of its background was inspired by historical events that happened during colonial times. The sequel to "The Helpers" will be out in 2019.


Nelson has lived and worked in Africa, Europe and United States and is an advocate of human rights, peace, child education and anti-slavery.

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