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It would probably be worse if Tina Barnes had to listen to every random thought that crossed people's mind, but witnessing the death of every person who died in a spectacularly gory fashion is no picnic, either. Being on a tour of Historically Significant locations isn't really helping.


Oh, and did she mention the supernatural soap opera of two ghosts possessing random people in their bid for a Happily Ever After that usually ends with the hosts dying? Because that's happening, too.


In a chilling tale of ghostly romance, friendship and fed-up psychics, what was meant to be a normal holiday tour takes a potentially deadly turn into a race against time.


Our review......

Visually powerful and playfully creepy, The Highwayman, a poem by Alfred Noyes, perfectly frames the narrative for The Highwayman's Legacy and allows Natasja Rose to take us on a breezy psychic adventure which is sure to engender broad appeal. With a succinct plot and intriguing characters that cross the veil of time, she weaves the threads of an interesting tale to deliver an absorbing read that bucks the genre trend for complexity. Adding just the right degree of levity, it’s definitely a story to keep readers on their toes with Rose avoiding the perils of trite and predictable storylines and adding some truly memorable moments as Tina finds herself drawn into ever darkening events. There are a few tips of the hat to the genre classics, but the real fun in Rose’s tale comes from getting to know her characters. They’re vivid and easily imagined, she doesn’t linger over laborious back stories and she avoids the current vogue for drawn-out showdowns which makes it a quick and satisfying read.


One for the darker evenings with the light switch within

easy reach, The Highwayman's Legacy proves a fine

introduction to The Ghostly Travels series by Natasja Rose.

Being a Psychic sucks.


The Highwayman's Legacy

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