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Trapped in a car wreck, crushed by a train. In seconds, Zaranna’s world is torn apart and she must start life anew, as a survivor. A double amputee. Yet why does this promising equestrienne remember a flash of sulphurous fire, and a crimson paw hurling her mother’s car onto the train tracks? Why does a tide of beguiling butterflies flood her increasingly chaotic dreams?


As Zaranna Inglewood adjusts to life minus legs, plus gorgeous Alex, the paramedic who cut her body from the wreckage, she learns the terror of being hunted. Relentless and inimical, the enemy lures her to a world where dreams shape reality. Equinox. A world of equinoctial storms; lashed by titanic forces of magic, dominated by the Pegasi and their centuries-old enmity with Human Wizards and the Dragons. This is a world where a girl can Dream her destiny. Where her soul can fly, or be chained forever.  She is Zaranna, the Horse Dreamer. Survivor. Fighter. A girl who doesn’t need legs to kick an evil fate in the teeth. All she needs is courage–the courage to Dream.


Our review......

Turn the first page of a Marc Secchia novel and there’s a whole world new world waiting to be discovered and in The Horse Dreamer he again strikes the perfect balance when detailing the nuances of his fictional world. An amalgamation of everything that is universally loved by young adult fantasy readers there’s magic, love, friendship and overcoming adversity whilst every character is wonderfully nuanced with an intriguing back-story that adds to their development. The huge success of Secchia’s novels comes from his ability to engage our dreams and lust for adventure by creating highly original storylines that really resonate with his readers. The Horse Dreamer continues that trend with Zaranna Inglewood. Her physical limitations in our world are obvious and on a superficial level it’s simply the story of a girl destined to do great things, but as with Secchia’s other bestsellers there is so much more to be revealed. It is a story of friendship, betrayal and courage. It’s a coming of age story and a story of pain and loss. Secchia is a master at manipulating his readers on an emotional level and The Horse Dreamer finds him at his very best.


An extraordinary start to a new YA Fantasy series from an author at the top of his game, The Horse Dreamer is sure to delight Secchia's many fans around the world and is recommended without reservation.

She is Zaranna, the Horse Dreamer. Survivor. Fighter.


The Horse Dreamer

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