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Before man inherited the earth, God created the Jinn, invisible beings of fire and shape-shifters, who to this day walk the Earth hidden from mankind's senses. Only a gifted few can feel their presence or interact with them. They are the seers. Smart, alluring and a highly trained secret agent, Sheba Blair is a woman with exactly such a gift. Having escaped the jaws of death in a plane crash, but dead to the world at large, Sheba has been enjoying a quiet life in the suburbs of Vancouver. One fateful day, unaware of her mysterious genealogy, Sheba crosses paths with the Prince of Jinns, Suliman. What unfolds from this encounter is a mind-boggling revelation of a centuries-old war, mystical creatures, dark secrets and sinister plans which threaten mankind. Will Sheba discover who she really is? Can she save the earth from impending doom? The Hunt is a riveting story of interdimensional proportions, supernatural beings, doom, despair, hope...and love.

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In a genre swamped by pedestrian offerings, The Hunt, with its powerful blend of paranormal fantasy and otherworldly romance proves a genuine jewel. Introducing us to Sheba Blair and the Jinn, Cassandra Wolf certainly knows how to pen an enticing tale. Beginning with a seemingly possessed antique typewriter, erotic dreams and Olav’s dying words, her settings are well drawn and atmospheric with acerbic prose that quickly captures the imagination. It’s a tale of  mythical intrigue and action that’s underpinned by Wolf’s vibrant imagination as she brings characters from two very different worlds together. Sadly, too many authors take standard paranormal tropes and do nothing more than rehash them but here Wolf has demonstrated a mastery of style to make them feel fresh, enthralling and unique to her story. Character development is also top notch with Sheba and Prince of Jinns, Suliman coming to life to leave readers genuinely caring about what happens to them. The hunt isn’t an overly long novel but at a tad under two hundred pages, it is well pitched in terms of plot structure with Wolf delivering plenty of clever shifts in her characters’ fortunes and unexpected twists.


Overall, it should be well received by fans of the genre, especially those who appreciate the nuances of a solid over-arching plot, strong characters, darker romance and lots of high-octane action. It is highly recommended.

The Hunt

Before man inherited the earth, God created the Jinn, invisible beings of fire and shape-shifters, who to this day walk the Earth hidden from mankind's senses.

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Paranormal Fantasy At Its Best From The Pen Of Cassandra Wolf

Cassandra Wolf loves reading and writing paranormal stories, fictional characters, and also enjoys exploring the world as a full-time fiction writer. She is a curious collector and researcher of ancient writings and religious books.

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