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Since the dawn of man a cosmic cycle of rebirth heralds the destruction of one era in preparation for the next. Centuries have passed since the last transition and those old enough to have survived can sense the end is nigh once more. After moving to New York City, twenty-year-old Dorian Benoit is the target of an attack by a horde of nightmarish intruders. He is about to give up hope when a clandestine gathering of supernatural beings come to his aid. Through them, he learns of the impending doom the world is fated to suffer and the sinister foes of humanity who have toiled in the shadows for ages, plotting their rise to power once the Earth is thrust into turmoil. The end of modern civilization draws near and mankind is none the wiser. What difference can one make in a world destined to destroy itself? And who can be trusted when so many have something to gain from a clean slate?


A fast paced and enjoyable Urban Fantasy, The Immortal Coil is the debut novel from author J. Armand. Confidently penned, it is always satisfying to come across a book that brings a flair of originality to its genre and you know Armand has delivered something rather intriguing from the very first page. Dutifully delivering on the expectations of a demanding genre without resorting to trite cliché, the prose flow easily and young protagonist Dorian Benoit is certainly rendered to appeal to a broad spectrum of readers. The plot isn’t overly complex, but it is spot on in its execution as Armand introduces a heady array of otherworldly characters that meld the paranormal and the more pedestrian reality into an engrossing urban fantasy. Building up to a pulsating denouement, adventure and fun are always to the fore whilst avoiding the pitfalls of predictability.


A good debut, author J. Armand is sure to garner a host of enthusiastic followers with The Immortal Coil, with the promise of more books of a similar standing to come. It is definitely recommended.

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The Immortal Coil

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