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The Language Of Love Has Never

Been So Intoxicating

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I ran away from an abusive marriage only to find myself alone and lost Then one day, I lifted my head from my book and saw him. Curtis stole my breath. A spark that started in my heart smoldered through my body. As if possessed by a spirit, I experienced something profound and life changing.


He spoke to me. I sounded silly. My responses, flat and unsure. But he saw something in me because he kept seeking me out. I thought I was fat and unattractive, he thought I was perfect. I became addicted. And then I let him in deep. All my pain melted away as gasping pleasure left my lips. He’d opened me up and healed a wound in the process. Just as I surrendered my heart, an ugly secret entered our paradise and suddenly my wounds resurfaced. My heart snapped in half. Curtis had taken it. He owned it. I was in too deep. It was an addiction that burned through every fiber of my being. How would I survive it?


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The heat of passion and its consequences makes for a powerful and intriguing read with J J Sorel continuing to build on the success of her Thornhill Trilogy. An exciting new voice in a demanding genre she’s not an author to pump up her plot with recycled manufactured thrills and knows just how to excite the emotions in the way a good BDSM story arch should. More importantly, she knows how to stir the deeper and darker feelings associated with surrender when two consenting adults explore the boundaries of their desires. Rich in detail, her forte is in finding the balance between blossoming romantic dalliances and heightened sexual tension and the suspense is palpable, with Sorel manipulating the devices of smart dialogue and cleverly nuanced characterization to repeatedly succeed in hijacking the reader’s expectations. Just when you think you've got the plot pinned down, she turns it around to keep you on the edge of your seat which is always the mark of a real page-turner.


Written with an acerbic pen, The Importance of Being Wild certainly gives Fifty Shades of Grey a run for its money!  Sure to be well received by fans of J J Sorel it is highly recommended.



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Best In Genre New Adult Romance From The Pen Of J J Sorel

The Importance of Being Wild

Love, Loss and Awakening

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Kellens Tempting Mate

Born in Melbourne, Australia, 50 Shades of Grey, was the first contemporary romance book I’d ever read. Up to that point, I’d spent my entire reading life buried in 19th-century books, like Jane Austen, the Brontes, George Eliot just to name a few. Georgette Heyer and Daphne du Maurier were as modern as I got. But then, one day, I picked up 50 Shades of Grey and couldn’t put it down. Impressed by their heartfelt, down to earth portrayal of love and sex, I quickly developed a voracious appetite for contemporary romance books. I was so inspired by the genre, that I decided to explore that world as a writer.

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