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Tempani of Amarill, a young noblewoman of mixed race, dreams of a Kamara united in race and class. Thrust from the convent into court life, Tempani struggles to find her place in a city she no longer recognizes. Where starved commoners fight the crown, women have no rights, and her mother's people hide in the south to avoid persecution. Banned from using her powers, Tempani feels helpless. But her magic is always there. A gentle hum under her skin, threatening to explode the more she sees people suffering. She wants change, but is she willing to spill the blood of innocents to get it?


Taking the themes of oppression, loyalty and class, Bridie Blake weaves them into an intriguing tale in her debut novel, The Jewel Of Kamara. It’s not a tale to be rushed or one that wallows in mind numbing complexity, Blake’s style is to reveal only what is necessary and in doing so strikes a notable balance between lavish detail and enthralling narrative. One that embraces the requisite drama and fantastical elements of the genre, without resorting to trite clichés. There is certainly plenty of magic, which is well observed, but it’s thematic and not imperative as it’s Blake’s characters that ultimately drive the plot. Characters that are thoughtfully introduced, bringing depth and complexity to her tale, as she renders a delightfully plausible picture of the differences between the have’s and the have not’s who inhabit her world. Naturally some are more endearing than others, but all are highly memorable.


An immensely enjoyable read, The Jewel Of Kamara is strongly recommended and if indicative of what's to come from Bridie Blake, her next book will be eagerly anticipated.

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The Jewel Of Kamara

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