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The Joy Of Comfort Eating

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It’s the worst day of Charlie Everson’s life. Not only can she no longer fit into her clothes—disaster for any public relations director—but also her first love, the sexy super-successful Brian Tendai, is her new CEO, the last person she ever expected to run into. Seeing him again tumbles Charlie back into her past. There are still so many unanswered questions: he’s convinced she left him, she’s convinced he left her. Charlie minimizes the ‘ex’ factor. Tell that to her emotions that are running wild.

But Brian’s not there to rekindle their romance. He’s overseeing Queenswood Communications’ recent merger after a hostile takeover. Guess whose name is at the top of the list?

They agree to one night together, just the one, then it’s back to business as normal. Or is it?


Our review......

Delivering frolicsome fun for bruised romantics, The Joy Of Comfort Eating marks a change in genre for Suzanne Jefferies whose previous novels include the Caitlin Riddler Liberty Series. Focusing on two kinds of chemistry: of food, and of the heart, Jefferies latest release gets at the crux of what romance is all about. Warm, charming and undeniably witty, it’s something of a compendium of clichés which Jefferies makes her own. Instantly familiar, it feels warm yet wholly original, with a girlish openness that proves quite endearing. This alone is reason to read it and fans of the genre will likely lap it up, but beneath the veneer there’s a clever and sophisticated narrative that provides an addictive blend of reading nourishment and gratification. In the main this comes from Jefferies perfectly pitched Charlie Everson who she makes entirely loveable and utterly real, making the perfect foil for Brian Tendai’s more chiselled attributes.


A notable contemporary romance debut, The Joy Of Comfort Eating proves a delicious piece of romantic candy and one that bodes well for future releases from Jefferies. It is recommended without reservation.

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