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Venice’s trade is faltering, and with it Ignazio Lanese’s consuming lust for power. Simonetta, his abused and embittered wife, holds a fearful secret, the Lanese Print. Her knowledge is her strength. Her knowledge is her weapon. Her knowledge wounds him bitterly; Ignazio means to tear her down. In a desperate flight from Venice across 17th century Europe, Simonetta’s insight threatens to destroy her, as her husband’s cruel ambition consumes all in its wake. As love, vengeance, mistrust and loyalty tragically collide, will the print prove her saviour or her undoing? And as Ignazio’s lethal grip tightens, can it ever prove mightier than the sword? Where can she turn; who’s left to trust?


A cruel tale of vengeance, faith, malice and compassion weave together in the Lanese print, the second novel from Steven Hobbs and it’s as beguiling as the country in which it is set. Populated with intriguing, unforgettable characters, it is a highly entertaining and meticulously constructed read that brings a palpable sense of time and place to life, whilst Hobb’s writing is fluid and considered. From the very first page you know this is one of those books that demands a slow read to be really appreciated. There is intricacy at play here and Hobbs manages the devices of plot to avoid predictability, with plenty of dark moments to maintain tension and suspense. It’s riveting and ably pitched against a decadent background that demonstrates an intimate knowledge of the era, but it is Simonetta that steals the scenes as her plight evolves. Her character is well observed and her angst cleverly orchestrated to create a compelling protagonist who lingers beyond the page.


A vivid and highly entertaining foray into historical fiction, The Lanese Print is a read that deserves you attention. A fine example of historical iction it is highly recommended!

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The Lanese Print

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