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"Lady Catherine Lytton had no idea how

beautiful she looked in mourning"

Willful, beautiful and very rich, Lady Catherine Lytton believes she is in full control of her destiny. However, the return of a distant kinsman, Adrian Stowe, the Earl of Halford, will turn her world upside down.


As she follows him to Constantinople to solve the mystery that surrounds him, she learns the meaning of true love -- even while being in danger of losing everything that is most precious.


Our Review......

A riveting Victorian Romance, The Last Earl by Lara Blunte proves a literal tidal force in a genre which often suffers from a lack of originality. Beautifully written in prose that vividly capture Bluntes evocative setting, the mood is further augmented by a bewitchingly vibrant blend of emotion and subtle levity which provides timely relief from the mounting tension. More robust than most period romances; Constantinople makes a refreshing contrast to novels with solely British settings and allows Blunte to really bring Lady Catherine Lytton's spirited questing nature to the fore. She’s the perfect foil for the Earl of Halford’s undeniable charisma and together they make a pair of ravishing romantics. These alone are reasons enough to the turn the pages, but what really sets Blunte's novel on a pedestal is her ability to imbue her pages with a sense of heady eroticism that relentlessly writhes beneath the surface.


A genuine page turner of startling intensity, The Last Earl proves an exceptional read which is sure to be well received by ardent fans of this ever popular genre. Definitely deserving of your attention, it is recommended without reservation.

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The Last Earl

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