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Author  Scott Wilbanks - BookViral Spotlight Review

The Lemoncholy Life Of Annie Aster

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The book......

Annabelle Aster doesn't bow to convention, not even that of space and time, which makes the 1890s Kansas wheat field that has appeared in her modern-day San Francisco garden easy to accept.


Even more peculiar is Elsbeth, the truculent schoolmarm who sends Annie letters through the mysterious brass mailbox perched on the picket fence that now divides their two worlds.


Annie and Elsbeth's search for an explanation to the hiccup in the universe linking their homes leads to an unsettling discovery-and potential disaster for both of them. Together they must solve the mystery of what connects them before one of them is convicted of a murder that has yet to happen...and yet somehow already did.


Our review......

Smart, suspenseful, satisfyingly unpredictable, The Lemoncholy Life Of Annie Aster is the debut release from Scott Wilbanks and it wouldn’t be disingenuous to say it’s a bit out of the ordinary. Time travel is frequently used and abused in books and more often than not leaves the reader less enlightened than intended, but Wilbanks has taken a refreshingly different approach. His characters don’t travel through time, they each experience their own natural time moving forward in the usual linear chronological way. What changes is each character's perspective on what they are experiencing over time, and how this informs evolving events.  With a uniformly strong narrative he ably manages to avoid trite paradoxes and quickly encourages the suspension of disbelief because his characters are believable and intelligent and are initially just as sceptical of the time riddle as the reader. On this level it works extremely well, but what ultimately makes The Lemoncholy Life Of Annie Aster a genuine gem of a read is the sense of warmth and emotion imbued within its pages.


By all standards, Wilbanks has delivered an exceptional novel. A boon for discerning fantasy fans and boding well for his future releases, The Lemoncholy Life Of Annie Aster is recommended without reservation.

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