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The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name by Fiza Pathan is a collection of twenty-one original short stories, each centered on some aspect of the social, cultural, psychological, and emotional issues facing the LGBTQIA community in the world today. False prejudice has blighted much of society’s sensitivity to what is necessarily a human rights issue. Ignorance has compounded it. What if you, as a parent or a family member, are faced with this “coming out” issue? Are you aware what each term in the acronym LGBTQIA really means? Are you aware of the emotional and psychological damage you do to a loved one when you fail to understand, and/or reject, their perspective of love, sex, and acceptance? Understanding the implications of the above, the author after months of research has crafted these stories based on actual conditions existing in different countries of the world. You will meet Rocky in “(A)sexual Story,” the psychiatrist Dr. Timothy in “Fix It,” and Jasmine and Randy in “Human Work of Art.” You will learn about DSD—Dysfunction Sexual Disorder—in “Isher” and why Bangkok is called the “Kathoey Paradise.” You will shudder at the public repression of gays by ISIS in Raqqa, and learn about the dichotomy that exists in Iran. You will revel at the miracle you witness in “Topanga,” cry for Sameera in “The Girls’ Bathroom,” and be educated by “The Gay Truth.”


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A sublime collection of short stories that tug at your heartstrings Fiza Pathan delivers an exquisite work of literature. One that is that is rippling with melancholy and an intimate understanding of love at its riskiest but a most necessary gamble for the hearts she touches. Displaying the same literate skill that has marked her previous releases she renders complex circumstances in strikingly personal terms and in each deeply felt love story she masterfully teases out every shadow and nuance of her characters’ inner lives. These are stories that start as a trickle and gradually swell to a torrent of emotion that will burst the banks of your heart. On many levels, they are transcendent love stories and overwhelmingly empathic with Pathan doing a marvellous job of capturing the tensions, anxieties, highs and lows of her characters. Not just those that come with first love but that which requires a leap of faith to overcome culturally entrenched prejudices and an extraordinary willingness to embrace that which we truly are.


An exceptional collection of powerful and poignant short stories The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name is recommended without reservation!


The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Short Stories

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2015 New England Book Festival- Honorable Mention in Young Adult Category

2015 London Book Festival-Honorable Mention in Young Adult Category

2016 Los Angeles Book Festival-Honorable Mention in Young Adult Category

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