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The Luck of Madonna 13 is set in a remote part of northern New Mexico in the year 2434. Its population decimated by the Nirvana Exodus, the planet Earth is a mere shadow of its formerly expansive self. The irrepressible Madonna 13 (possibly the 13th clone of Original Madonna) has long since Elevated but her spirit lingers in the venerable IsoTown of St. Coriander. As the tale begins, the reluctant heroine, 16-year-old Glendyl Fenderwell, has just been declared the town's 250th Luckiest, a dubious honor that banishes her from the only place she has known to seek the fabled Last Nevergate accompanied only by her wits and a smart alecky backpack. Will she succeed where 249 previous Luckiests have failed?


Compelling and awash with a host of unforgettable characters, The Luck of Madonna 13 is the award winning fantasy novel by E T Ellison. Describe as genre-busting, it certainly breaks the mould as Ellison masterfully blends the requisite elements of traditional fantasy with the farsightedness of science fiction. A superb story with gathering momentum, Ellison’s characters are vividly real, their overriding purpose to draw his readers into an impressively imaginative world where an overriding sense of authenticity prevails. Where technological realism seems a natural foil to such high fantasy staples as castles, dragons and magic. It’s an impressive achievement, but it’s the undeniable social commentary that really set this tale apart. Woven through multiple storylines as a thematic undertone, it captures the verisimilitude of real life as Glendyl’s quest unfolds, adding depth and prompting timely reflection on the undeniably philosophical aspects of Ellison's tale.


A rousing and evocative page turner The Luck of Madonna 13 is a gem to be savoured and the work of an author at the top of his game. Not to be missed, it is recommended without reservation!

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The Luck Of Madonna 13 - The Last Nevergate Chronicles

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