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A dark secret lingers in the depths of a town’s jail, behind a door that remains ever locked. A secret spawned by the vanities of a man craving adoration and wealth. A man for whom wealth and vanity had corrupted his soul, a darkness upon it that would touch the lives of all about him and forever echo before the tramp of time. When Kevin learns of his mountain town's evil past, he must struggle to understand his father's part in it and how it affects himself.


Short story writing is an art in itself and The Mountain City Bronzes by author Madeleine McLaughlin is a short story we were keen to review.  Grabbing her reader’s attention within a few succinct words, McLaughlin sets the tone of her tale and brings the inquisitive nature of a young mind to the fore. She ensnares interest and curiosity, an opening that demands further exploration, an answer to be sought and mystery to be solved.


Written in simple prose that belie the complexity of her tale, The Mountain City Bronzes enthrals with every page as a simple locked door looms ever larger. It’s twisted secret tantalizingly close whilst the inquisitive mind of a child pursues an answer with the doggedness reserved for the innocence of youth.


To deliver a tale of note with so few words is to be applauded and Madeleine McLaughlin's notable offering certainly deserves your attention. Boding well for her future releases, it is strongly recommended.

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The Mountain City Bronzes

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