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The fossil record is unclear. Did Neanderthal speak?

Did he laugh, have music, feel love?

Did he interact with Homo sapiens or get killed by him in mortal combat

or get pushed to extinction on less marginal lands?

Now meet Strong Arms, leader of the clan.

Predator species have spite hardwired into their behavior.

Killing the competition before it grows up is always a good genetic

strategy for any meat-eater.

Now, take one that’s smart, adaptive, and a consummate tool-user,

and you have the makings for a conflict of monumental proportions.

It’s man versus Neanderthal in the mountains of Iberia. Only one

will survive. You may be surprised by which!


Our review......

A powerful and imaginary re-creation of our past which uses history for its inspiration, The Night of the Eleventh Sun proves a gripping read from start to finish. Few authors could have pulled this off so well but Burgauer has an undeniable passion for accuracy and an enviable knack for capturing pivotal moments. Without representing primitive man as being unduly savage he creates characters with whom his readers are able to feel a sense of kinship by exploring the baser traits that make us truly human and in particular our overriding need to survive and protect the ones we love. The question for many readers will be whether they can make their own leap of imagination whilst Burgauer’s story is at its most affecting when it demonstrates bursts of ingenuity from his beetle-browed characters. Deftly rendered, it’s through them that he poignantly reminds us of our primaeval past and our long trek towards civilisation with the focus on emotional and tactical evolution which is the subtext to his narrative. On this level it’s a unique achievement and whilst being something of a step change for Burgauer should none the less be well received by his readers.


A powerful, entertaining and thought-provoking novel, The Night Of The Eleventh Sun, is a clear indication of Burgauer's ability to bring a distinctive voice to multiple genres. Deserving of a broad readership it is highly recommended.

It’s man versus Neanderthal in the mountains of Iberia.

Only one will survive.The fossil record is unclear.......

The Night of the Eleventh Sun

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