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After a group of drunken yobs mug sixteen-year-old Peter Butler one evening, he discovers that he has ancient magical powers which will change the course of his life. Powers that will embroil him in the oldest conflict in human history, fought by influential and deadly secret organisations. Embarking on a daring magical adventure around the world, deciphering clues that lead him to long lost and powerful artefacts, hidden in famous landmarks, the Illuminati hunt him. The Arcanium need him. Governments want him!


A quest that arcs across the centuries, The Order Of Ascalon is the debut fantasy adventure novel from author Daniel J Franks. It’s an imaginative read, with Franks weaving the requisite elements of popular fantasy and is bound to have readers engrossed in no time as a gamut of historical characters are given an intriguing makeover. From Merlin to George Washington, each adds an interesting dimension that is in keeping with the tone and levity of the yarn Franks spins. Cleverly integrating myth and legend, the magical elements are often over the top, but in the context of his young protagonist’s quest they certainly keep the pages turning. Making for an entertaining read that is unpredictable without being overly complicated, whilst the action rarely slows to idle. It isn’t a tale to wallow in deep thematic prose and for that reason is likely to have a broader spectrum of appeal beyond its genre.


The Order Of Ascalon is certainly an ambitious start to a series with much potential and is sure to attract many interested and enthusiastic followers. It is certainly recommended.

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The Order Of Ascalon

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