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Sometimes, Something Special Comes Along.

Something Like 'HOME' From A Master Storyteller

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A ship's captain. A crime. A secret. What would you do to claim the position in society that has been stolen from you?

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A Best In Genre  Regency Romance From Author Cassandra Austen

The Portrait

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About Cassandra Austen

You might say Cassandra's an old-world romantic in a digital age.


Author of Coming Home to Greenleigh and The Portrait, Cassandra's work evokes the heroes and heroines of Jane Austen (perhaps a distant ancestor?) coupled with the rich romance of landscapes such as old New England Georgian Bathor wooden ships sailing just off the port of Gibraltar. Cassandra herself lives on a drafty (yet atmospheric) old farm in northern New England.

The ancient Claverton earldom is no more, because Lady Catherine Claverton was born a girl. Banished to the countryside as a child and forgotten, she lives her life alone and angry. However, upon her father's death, she learns that she is the heir to her dead mother's family title--and if she wants to continue her mother's line, she must marry, bear a child, and take her place in society, all things that she has never dared to think possible. Should she marry the kind but secretive Captain Avebury? Or the notorious Sir Lyle, the handsome smuggler? Both men have secrets. Both men deal very differently with honor. And Catherine has a dreadful secret of her own.


Our review......

An enthralling Regency Romance, The Portrait proves a notable debut for Cassandra Austen in a genre which often suffers from a lack of originality and a heavy reliance on well-worn tropes. Beautifully written in prose that vibrantly capture the essence of her characters, the dashing Captain  Avebury and the manipulative Sir Lyle, prove the perfect foils to the Countess St. Clair's spirited questing nature as secrets from their pasts threaten the future they hope to build. Privileged and wealthy they live in a world in which everything, including desire, seems perfectly ordered and yet Austen confidently conveys a genuine sense of how passion is lived and often lost in the real world. Desire, surges of tenderness, obsession, suspicion, jealousy and the intensity of true love, pages turn as the superficial order surrounding the Countess and Captain Avebury is stripped away and their darkest secrets are finally revealed. These alone are reasons enough for fans of the period romance genre to pick up a copy, but what really sets Austen's novel on a pedestal is The Countess St. Clair's innate sense of vulnerability. Judiciously avoiding a maudlin or saccharin approach to her disability and desire to be seen as perfect Austen conveys it with just the right amount of melodrama and intrigue.


A genuine page-turner, The Portrait proves an exceptional read and one definitely deserving of your attention. It is recommended without reservation.

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