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Richard Hough brings the celebrated mutiny aboard the battleship Potemkin alive, giving the individuals involved a voice managing to transform this historical event from an academic episode to a gripping and descriptive depiction of naval significance.


The event that almost brought the Russian Revolution twelve years before its time is brought to life through Hough’s convincing and powerful narrative. As mutiny spreads and the crew declare war on the government, suffering, starvation and death fills the pages, portraying an accurate yet shocking story of both tragedy and pathos. When the Russian port of Odessa is bombarded, a civil uprising takes place resulting in the death of 6000 people...


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The 1905 Potemkin Mutiny has inspired a dizzying number of retellings. From the  1925 Soviet silent film to a dearth of books on the subject, but few come close to Hough’s who cuts a swathe through existing literature in order to create a genuine gem of his own. It’s not easy to condense such a poignant historic event down to less than two hundred pages but Hough makes this an easy and engaging read with his vivid and compelling novelistic style. In crisp, clear and concise prose he guides us through the complexities of events with a deft and sure hand. With searing descriptions and powerful characterizations it is a masterful account of the duplicity, and brutally efficient cruelty which prevailed whilst time and place are  brought to life with an unerring sense of authenticity. Hough was a master of the grand narrative, able to sift, select, structure and contextualise historical information to create a highly compelling and skilful piece of storytelling. Not only leaving his readers more knowledgeable on the subject but in doing so has left us with an enduring tribute to the power of the human spirit.


The work of an exceptional author and a truly remarkable read, The Potemkin Mutiny is recommended without reservation.

A gripping combination of fact and ingenious narrative ability.

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The Potemkin Mutiny


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