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Taylor faces Hurricane Noah and rising seas. His home town is flooded along with the English lowlands; his family evacuated to the continent. Trained for the new age in the high shelters of Switzerland, he is sent back to England for the recovery. He and his colleagues live in an eco-dome and grow super-algae for food, fuel and fabrics in sea-borne agri-tubes; The Tubes. Under the new glaring sun, an oven England of tidal waves, high ground bandits and swarming mutated insects his story unfolds. He discovers his family are held enslaved behind the resurrected Iron Curtain. He must wait to be reunited. Under attack from the new climate and the wild people abandoned during the Noah evacuation, Taylor finds himself accused of murder by his own people. Behind the scenes, subtle and long laid down plans are under way by quiet government men.


Posing an enthralling and harrowing apocalyptic vision The Quiet Government Men is the debut novel from author Chris Cauwood and it makes for a thought provoking read. First impressions are strong with Cauwood setting tone and tenor for an easy flow of events, revelations, character development and execution of an intricate and intriguing plot. This is no trite post-apocalyptic world that Cauwood creates and as his narrative progresses it becomes increasingly clear that there is much more to this novel than first appears. Too many novels pay superficial deference to originality and it is always refreshing to find a writer who demonstrates diversity in thought and execution, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of overt imitation. Cauwood certainly sets himself apart with his chilling dystopian undertones and with a well-considered cast of characters he brings notable depth to his tale.


An intriguing and entertaining debut, The Quiet Government Men is sure to attract a host of followers for author Chris Cauwood and is certainly deserving of your attention. It is defintely recommended.

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The Quiet Government Men

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