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The entire world, set in the near future, has changed since the discovery of these ‘requests.’ New businesses and services are created to capture this significant moment after death. All religions are forced to translate what this peaceful, yet unusual occurrence means with the consensus being that their supreme being is allowing one sentimental object to be taken into their afterlife. Social media erupts with new apps to track these request videos as the global public has an addiction to them.


Powa is a teenager who partially uploads a request video that creates a social media frenzy. She successfully leaves summer school to escape her pursuers who happen to be an aggressive corporation that is grossly invested in the well-being of the human body. To make matters worse, a government agency whose assignment is to authenticate all request videos, services, and businesses is demanding to view that video in its entirety. Unable to determine friend from foe, she confides in an unacquainted classmate who convinces her to take a journey from her hometown to San Diego’s Comic-Con as they pick up his slightly unusual friends along the way.  Along the way, they learn of other cruel measures companies are willing to invest in having their device be the object of ‘the request.’ They soon discovered that to be more difficult than they had anticipated. Only one corporation was the exception to this rule. They believe the final piece to the puzzle lies with Powa even though she is convinced other celestial forces are at play.


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An inventive novel that will stay with the reader long after the last page is turned The Request For Lambency might be Ileso DMC’s debut novel but it’s underpinned by an intriguing and shrewdly developed premise. Well paced and cleverly plotted, he brings a fresh new edgy voice to the science fiction and fantasy genre with a compelling narrative that leaves us much to think about along the way. With Powa as his protagonist, the world has changed since the arrival of the requests and the passage from life to death will never be the same again. The government wants to control what people see, powerful corporations want to make money from them and everyone wants to know what’s on the other side! Suspenseful, moving, sometimes humorous, ileso keeps the momentum going and the twists coming as he slices right to the heart of human yearning and explores our perceptions of grief, death and loss whilst his eclectic mix of strongly delineated characters brings a depth to his storyline that another author might not have so successfully achieved.


A genuine page-turner that's sure to entertain, The Request For Lambency proves a strong debut and a must-read for discerning fans of the science fiction and fantasy genres.

The entire world, set in the near future,

has changed since the discovery of the ‘requests.’


The Request for Lambency

Original Science Fiction and Fantasy From The Pen Of  ileso DMC

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About ileso DMC

The Request For Lambency

ileso DMC is an immigrant from the great country of Costa Rica. When he arrived, ileso had to learn English in order to do well in school. Reading and writing were a struggle of which he eventually overcame. Life after high school brought him to San Diego where the sun is just as rich as the property taxes. After graduating college, ileso came up with several ideas that he believes will make for great reading content.


ileso will use a portion of his book earnings to convert his book into Braille and send them to organizations for the blind and visually impaired free of charge. This world is predicated on vision. Those that are without sight should receive the highest opportunity to join us. Just one small way to make the world a little better.

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