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After spending the last few months at home in WhitWater Village, the trolls are reluctant to return to the Union of Fantastical Creatures and resume their duties as the chosen four of Grenamoya.  The Union is growing, initiating three new members in the fight against Pain.  However, a rift soon forms as one of the founding members is forced to come clean about a secret spanning thirty years.


When the trolls learn that they are to travel south with Lord Terak as their guide, they are a little cautious, knowing that the island’s vampires have been reverting to their savage nature under the Black Deity’s influence.  Rousoe, Rufus, Roscoe and Cammesonja’s guardian against Pain just so happens to be one of his greatest former servants.  Kaena the Spiteful - sister to Kamror the Nefarious - awaits in the mountains, having vowed to avenge her brother’s death.



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There’s a price to be paid when writing a series of novels and that’s meeting the elevated expectations of its readers as new titles are released. With Amy J Smylie’s Grenamoya Island Saga, inspired plots are a given but the real drivers have always been emotional content, dialogue and creating unique characters with whom readers can really come to care about. With  Cammesonja, Rousoe, Rufus and Roscoe instantly rendered in our imaginations The Serpents Loss is, in many ways, Smylie’s most ambitious release to date. The siblings are character’s in which Smylie’s readers are now fully invested and this allows her to focus on emotive resonance and thematic depth. Needless to say, she hits the ground running with an exhilarating, magical adventure and it makes for an intoxicating read. One that emanates from her stunningly realised world and delivers the traditional sense-of-wonder readers expect to find in epic fantasy adventure stories with wholly original characters, settings, and scenes manifesting themselves with each turn of the page.


With a beautifully penned and poignant final chapter, The Serpents Loss is sure to exceed the expectations of Smylies many followers. With all the hallmarks of a classic, it is recommended without reservation.

The Adventure continues......!

The Serpents Loss: Book Four of the Grenamoya Island Saga

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