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The plot......

Daria Van is a US History teacher in Broward County, FL. She is trying to wrap her head around one of her students being attacked after leaving her class room. Believing that US History should include everyone, her principal at South City High School in Broward County, FL, attacks her daily accusing her of inciting race riots. After her husband takes a second wife and her principal begins following her, Daria reaches back into her past to locate her brother whose been on the run for twenty years to help her to bring normalcy back into her life.


Our review......

A rousing story about possibility and overcoming life’s obstacles, The Shoulders On Which I stand is the debut novel from author Karimah Grayson. Uncomplicated in its telling, it proves a rather uplifting story with Grayson tackling the issues covered in her narrative in a straight forward and realistic way. It doesn’t deal with the big issues in life directly, but cleverly fuses several thematic themes that encourage reflection as Daria’s interactions with her students evolve. Influenced by the plight of her brother and acutely aware of how children consider and perceive the world about them her honesty and integrity often leads her into conflict. She doesn’t believe that US History should be censored, but that it should be open and inclusive, and on this level Grayson reminds us that determination, inspiration and dignity motivate us to achieve goals not only in school, but also in life.


Classified as Muslim fiction The Shoulders On Which I Stand makes a thought provoking and often poignant read that’s certainly deserving of your attention. It is definitely recommended.

Author  Karimah Grayson - In The Spotlight

The Shoulders On Which I Stand

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