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On November 23, 2000, one hundred inmates hold twelve guards hostage in the laundry dorm of The Indiana Penal Farm. Emergency squads are massed along the fence, awaiting the order to attack, while sharpshooters are perched like crows on top of the administration building. Tom Hemmings, a dorm counselor, has been conscripted to defuse the standoff. But the inmates are divided into rival gangs, the guards into feuding unions. And the prison administration has sparked the standoff by forcing cut-rate services upon the facility. As he enters the prison, Tom's heart starts to hammer. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad? And how will this nightmare end?


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A powerful and penetrating portrait of life at its most extreme, The Siege is the psychological thriller from author James Hanna. Quickly hitting its stride, narrative momentum rapidly builds as the main characters reveal themselves and readers are taken into the mind of Tom Hemmings. Getting into the psych of his characters is something that Hanna excels at and through Tom we see the grim reality of men experiencing confinement, rage, impotence, despair and deprivation. This isn’t a buffed Hollywood interpretation of life behind bars. There’s little propensity for action or gratuitous violence, Hanna keeps it real and in doing so paints a harrowing picture that’s convincing and compelling. He’s not the first author to tackle this theme, but he doesn’t mask the constant struggle of prison life with a veil of lassitude. What we get is a series of potent chapters that are largely indifferent to motives, but guided by Toms moral compass as he seeks to find a peaceful solution to the events that have unfolded.


A highly enjoyable and well-crafted novel that showcases Hanna’s distinctive style of writing, The Siege delivers the best in psychological thrillers and is recommended without reservation.

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Who are the good guys? Who are the bad? And how will this nightmare end? 


The Siege

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