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"I can only look out into the world through my own eyes. I can never borrow someone else’s eyes and see what they see. I understand this. I understand that a thousand pairs of eyes may view the same thing and reach a thousand different conclusions. So I’ll do what she asked me to, I’ll be impartial. Objective. Say just what I see and not a thing more"


Immediately enthralling, the profoundly poignant opening paragraph from The Spark sets the tone for an exceptional debut by author O H Robsson. A splendidly written and introspective tale, it’s beguilingly simple in structure. Set against an evocative Norwegian backdrop which Robsson captures in gentle thematic prose, there is a mystery to be revealed. It lingers in glimpses of times past and stilted conversations as the tension gently builds. It’s powerfully poignant, yet never holds the essence of Kristoffer’s and Eva’s tale to hostage, as the intricacies of their lives unfold.


Loss, misguided decisions, heartbreak and guilt, each has its place, though Robsson reminds us that the power they yield is ultimately a matter of perspective. This alone is a reason to read The Spark, though it is the pressing need to discover how all the pieces fit together that keep the pages turning.


A visually powerful and highly memorable debut from an author of note, The Spark will certainly find favour with fans of Nicholas Sparks and authors of a similar ilk. It is recommended without reservation.!

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The Spark

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