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It was an era of majesty, a time of euphoria but the self-assured citizens of the Protectorate were regrettably unprepared for what was to come. Everything they relied upon was about to change. A loathsome race of primordial demons was casting aside the shackles of their bondage. A species born of evil was about to be unleashed upon an unprepared Galaxy. Deep space vessels find anomalies in the fabric of space, great tears in the dimensional walls from which rivers of deadly anti-life energy flowed. Protectorate scientists have no idea that these are the first clumsy attempts by the hellish beings to free themselves.


Taking imagination to the distant depths of space and time, The Tale is the blistering new SF novel from author David Kingsley Evans. A stellar saga that ably blends the requisite elements of notable SF, Evans has written a book that is entirely original yet feels curiously familiar, rapidly drawing his readers into a far flung society that exudes authenticity. Not simply in terms of the technology he creates, but by giving careful consideration to the presiding cultural elements. Manifesting those in the intricacies of his plot and the nuances of his characters as they respond to a real and present danger that threatens their very existence. It's clever and compelling and it certainly doesn't lack in action as events evolve, nor does it pander to predictability as Evans weaves his absorbing tale.


A must read for SF fans, The Tale feels like the beginning of an engrossing series,  with author David Evans Kingsley set to make his mark on the genre. It certainly deserves a place on your to read list and is definitely recommended.

Author David Kingsley Evans - In The Spotlight

The Tale - A Story Of Galactic Proportions

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