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An Original Fantasy Genre Read From The Pen Of Daryl J Ball

The Tannis Project

Being a nearly 200-year-old vampire comes with a lot of experience...and a lot of baggage.

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Daryl J Ball is a new author working primarily within the fantasy genre.

In his weekly blog, Tannis reflects on the experiences and people that have shaped his life, as well as his budding romance with single mother, Kayla. Adaptation ensures survival but offers little insight on falling in love with a human. Kayla accepts him and his struggles, but can he do the same? Her teenage son, Tie, is a challenge all on his own. He may not be ready for a new father, especially one who's a vampire.


For the first time in his life, Tannis struggles to adapt. Do the rewards outweigh the risks? Having his own family seems like a dream come true, but dreams can just as easily become nightmares.


Our review......

If you want to write a Vampire novel and don't want it to dredge the depths of obscurity you need to do two things. Come up with something original and write it well. Daryl J Ball does both and in doing so delivers a highly engrossing read that is sure to get his readers thinking.   Central to this is giving Tannis a contemporary edge and exploring this through a blog which proves nothing short of inspired. You may not like him, he is most definitely flawed, but like him or not he comes across as real as Ball delves into his past and the consequences of the choices he has made throughout the centuries. As Tannis blogs about his childrene (no it’s not a misspelling), love, loss, Vampire lore and age-old rivalries we are drawn into a beguiling and starkly different world to that which is often presented in popular Vampire fiction and it makes for a refreshingly different kind of read.


Deviating from a well-beaten path is always a gamble for any author but tropes aside Ball does it particularly well and fans of this ever popular genre should definitely have it on their must-read list!

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