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This is a business book told in a story format for leaders; a Leadership Tale. It takes place in the world of international business where, as a result of an acquisition, two companies merge creating a team: A team struggling with conflicts and dishonesty, but also showing glimpses of loyalty and hope. Stephen, the team's leader, is challenged to get them working together. In these times of change and economic downturn, it's more important than ever that he gets it right. Follow Stephen and his team on their journey through the thorny maze that all teams travel through.


There is a deluge of lack lustre leadership books on the market that do little more than reiterate trite commonplace themes, but The Team formula takes a decidedly different approach. Written by Mandy Flint & Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, The Team Formula judiciously utilizes the devices of storytelling to provide a rich exploration of dysfunctional team dynamics, corporate politics, and the impact of personality conflicts. An eye-opening journey, it is certainly entertaining, but above all, it is insightful and educational with an accessible narrative that provides many opportunities for consideration, as well as valuable ideas that can be readily implemented. With a host of cleverly nuanced characters, Flint & Hearn make team dynamics issues clear, easy to understand and relevant in a way that is particularly easy to relate to, promoting clarity and coherence in addition to a legitimate and powerful change of perspective.


Engrossing and refreshingly unpredictable, The Team Formula is a must read for leaders, coaches, and mentors whilst boding well for the next release in the 'little Book for BIG Success' series. It is highly recommended.

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The Team Formula

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