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More Short Stories, interspaced here and there with the ocassional monologue and poem, that didn't quite make it into novels of their own. Some of them might at a later date, but for now, you can read them here.


Read about the Adventures of Codename Granny, the origins of mermaids, space exploration that doesn't quite go as planned, and reincarnated soulmates that don't always end in Happily Ever After.


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Sharply written and thoughtfully conceived, The Temporarily-Misplaced Collection by international author and poet Natasja Rose takes her readers on a rollercoaster of entertaining prose from the very first page.  From her wonderfully humorous take on alien first contact in The Fearful Frontier to her mermaids origin monologue Maidens Of The Sea, this is Rose at her very best and demonstrating an uncanny talent for translating complex emotions with astonishing simplicity. Readers familiar with her Timeless Tales, Modern Messages book series will readily recall the sassy characters she’s created along with her ability to reimagine classic fairy tales with strong social themes. Here again she displays the same sharp wit with Jack, The Beanstalk and the Marketing Scam and The Little Mermaid and The Friend Zone readily springing to mind. A truly diverse collection of bite size gems there’s no doubt that Rose has developed a very distinctive story voice which translates particularly well when word count needs to be succinct. Quickly engaging the imagination and leaving us with much to think about.


A highly enjoyable read from an acerbic mind The Temporarily-Misplaced Collection is a must read for discerning readers and is recommended without reservation.


Delightfully thought provoking and beautifully written.

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The Temporarily-Misplaced Collection - (Miscellaneous Anthologies Book 2)


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