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When renown psychologist and bestselling author Elizabeth Stewart first noticed Joshua Miller standing at the back of her audience she thought the tall, muscular man dressed like a lumberjack was in the wrong room. Little did she know Joshua would defy everything she ever wrote about relationships. Little did she know, he was also the key to her survival.


Elizabeth spent her entire adult life avoiding a serious relationship. As the leading written authority on relationships she couldn't afford a failed relationship so she kept her liaisons casual and short term.When she hired Joshua to build her mountain home deep in the Utah mountains she found herself attracted to the muscular, rugged construction magnate. Used to dating CEO's and even Heads of State, Josh was unlike anyone she'd met before.


This laid back, sexy man challenged everything she believed. Especially the three-year rule she had sold to the world that insisting. Beth's theory touts everyone has a fake or pseudo personality that hides their inner self and shelters their secrets. A down to earth, modern day mountain man threatens her belief that you must date someone for at least three years before his true personality is revealed.


Temperatures will soar and perceptions change in The Three Year Rule, by bestselling author Alaina Stanford. A romantic novel that plays to the best devices of its genre, Stanford understands what her readers want and she delivers in abundance without resorting to trite clichés. Yes, her male lead is designed to set pulses racing, but she is mindful to build genuine depth into her characters. This is most evident in Beth. Intelligent but conflicted, she drives the narrative as her character grows and beliefs are challenged, which turn brings a genuine sense of momentum to her tale..


A relatively quick, but ultimately satisfying read, The Three year Rule is certain to be well received by Stanford’s growing host of followers and unreservedly receives a BookViral ‘read it’ recommendation.

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The Three Year Rule

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