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When Frank Brazier wakes in a hospital bed after an horrific rail crash, he’s blind, wracked in pain, and confused. Voices call to him from the darkness. Impossible voices of people who can’t be there.


In the next room, his sister, Paula, is on life support. The doctors say she’s dead and want to pull the plug, but Frank knows better, one of the voices he hears is from Paula! Frank has no one to turn to for help, but his girlfriend, Jenny, and the mysterious, ominous Shadow-man. But who is the Shadow-man? What’s his game?


A superb foray into the realms of the paranormal, The Transition Of Johnny Swift is the exciting new novel from author Kerry J Donovan. A tale that breaches the realms of reality, it’s a race against time that Donovan tells with admirable confidence, masterfully evoking the angst his young protagonist must endure as his life is irrevocably changed. Not just in a physical sense in the aftermath of tragedy, but influenced by an infinitely more malevolent influence which allows an interesting and highly absorbing plot to develop at a blistering pace. It’s a dark and gritty high stakes tale that captures the remnants of shattered lives. Each hanging on by their fingernails, trying to make sense of the unexplained, as a life hangs in the balance and the fate of another world looms ever ominous.


With a very distinctive style, Donovan’s prose flow easily, but what ultimately distinguishes The Transition Of Johnny Swift is his ability to create engaging and wonderfully nuanced characters. Each one, wholly believable in his chosen setting, whilst his dialogue always feels timely and never contrived.


Although a departure from his previous books, The Transition Of Johnny Swift is sure to find favour amongst Donovan’s existing followers, undoubtedly adding to his existing fan base. Slated for a June 2014 release date, copies can be pre-ordered now. It is highly recommended.

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The Transition Of Johnny Swift

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