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From the creator of the unique, sensual, and thought-provoking Matt Ransom crime series set in the 22nd century, comes his latest creation, Seth Halliday, a tarnished white knight who metes out justice on his own terms in The Turquoise Shroud. Seth is an ex Miami cop who shattered the image he once had of himself as one of the good guys and has been coming to terms with who he is now. Docking in Cozumel with his old pal, Harry, a drunk who knows more than a little about regret, the island paradise seems the perfect spot. But when a young girl named Nancy walks into their lives only to be cruelly ripped away, Seth puts on the tarnished armor to find out who murdered her, and why. A couple of corrupt Mexican cops, a beautiful blonde reeling from a break-up, two competing drug suppliers from Miami, and a young woman without a future all figure into a tale more twisted than a snake on a bed of hot coals. As Seth Halliday gets deeper and deeper into his quest to avenge Nancy's death, he begins to wonder if, as the proverb warns, he is digging two graves.


Intense and harrowing at times, The Turquoise Shroud is Book 1 in the Seth Halliday series from author Bobby Underwood, who takes a tried and tested formula and adds his own particular brand of edgy realism. It’s an enthralling plot he delivers, which maintains its intrigue throughout, artfully unwinding against a shadowy utilitarian backdrop. It’s an interesting choice for Underwood, which allows him to explore a more grounded element of social commentary. It works well and brings a real sense of authenticity to his characters without detracting from the mystery surrounding Nancy’s murder. Developing into a murder mystery with real depth, Underwood maintains his keen eye for detail as his tale evolves with real momentum. Seth Halliday, comfortably familiar and darkly introspective must wrestle with his own inner conflicts as his investigation takes perilous turns, but as with other novels by Underwood it’s the descriptive resilience of his prose that make his books true gems.


The start of strong series by Bobby Underwood, The Turquoise Shroud is sure to find favour with his fans and is certainly deserving of your attention. It is strongly recommended.

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The Turquoise Shroud

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