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Eighteen-year-old Corinth Taylor didn't sign up to become a Watcher—an elite warrior destined to restore balance to the human race—he was chosen. Corinth can barely control his own hormones ... much less the deadly blade. And to make matters worse, his best friend, Larna, just so happens to be the very thing he's supposed to eliminate. But when vampires and slayer find a common enemy, Corinth knows it's his innate calling to hunt evil down. And evil has a name: Gabriel Stanton. The enigmatic vampire who escaped their capture, has plans for Corinth, Larna, and Alastair ... and it's a threat they'll never see coming.


When the line between good and evil gets crossed, devastating consequences start to happen. As Watcher and vampire worlds collide, Corinth must decide where to place his trust: with his old allies or his killer instincts. .


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The first release in The Blood Dagger series, The Outcasts, promised more good things to come from Misty Hayes and The Watchers has proved us right. Grabbing our attention with a succinct opening chapter, she sets the tone of her story and brings the spellbinding nature of YA Paranormal fiction to the fore, ensnaring interest and curiosity with a storyline that demands further exploration. A good fantasy series requires a strong origin story and in The Outcasts Hayes created a corker whilst the principal virtue of her plot is that her young characters act like real teenagers. With the obligatory twists and turns to keep the reader guessing, she’s not an author to obsess about details, giving us just enough to hold our attention and more importantly fan the flames of our imagination whilst staying true to the genre and its best-loved tropes. It’s well-executed with an involving, fast-paced narrative, interwoven with plenty of action to add a palpable sense of atmosphere and a subtly pervading sense of darkness. In the wrong hands, novels like these can easily come over as trite and superficial but Hayes instinctively knows what her readers want as she builds upon a highly enjoyable series.


Sure to be met with enthusiasm by fans of The Blood Dagger series, The Watchers proves another strong release for Hayes and is recommended without reservation.

An upstart slayer. A clan of vampires. What could go wrong?


The Watchers - The Blood Dagger: Volume 2

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About  Misty Hayes

Misty has always called Texas home but has a passion for world travel.


Before taking up writing, she has had a long career in law enforcement. Besides the self-torture of writing books, she also loves the self-torture of running. Misty is currently working on book three of her young adult trilogy in 'The Blood Dagger' series.


When not writing, Misty enjoys reading any books by Jim Butcher, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Joe Hill, and J.K. Rowling. A lot of author's write about pets on their bio's... Misty has a rescue parakeet named Peeta (As in the Hunger Games).

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