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If we disregard the life around us, why should we not be equally disregarded?”


An American medic, Jonathan Springborne, wounded in the Pacific theatre and recuperating in Japan after the Second World War, sets out to find if Myeko, his former pen pal, has survived the bombing of Hiroshima. She has, but not her family. Jonathan brings Myeko back with him to America where they raise their child in a climate of thinly coated racial tolerance. Upon her husband's death, Myeko returns to Japan with their son Yukio. Despite becoming a champion sumo wrestler, he only achieves full acceptance into Japanese society after writing a memoir telling the story of his family's origins that transforms him into a symbol of the country's tragic history. In his retirement he continues to write and, part way through one of his narratives, Yukio finds himself caught up in the entanglement of his geisha lady, Satoko, and her underworld client Boss Hirohito, whose jealousy sets in train a series of events that will shape the thoughts of those to come.


A powerful and riveting read throughout, The Wild Horses of Hiroshima is sure to engender much serious reflection as author Paul Xylinides spins a tale of literary eloquence. A tale full of powerfully emotive images it certainly demands a slow read to appreciate the stylistically beguiling words that Xylinides weaves, effortlessly capturing the cultural identity of his settings in flowing prose as his characters evolve. Sobering at times and yet refreshingly devoid of trite comment this is a novel that not only entertains, but enlightens, a feat to which many authors might aspire and few ever realise. Rich in detail, it proves an original and persuasive telling that pulses with poetic flair, pulling readers into an ever immersive storyline. Creating an intricate tapestry of events as Xylinides demonstrates a finely tuned ear for dialogue and an ability to create wonderfully vibrant characters that all but leap of the page. Their thoughts echoed with timely clarity, it would be a hard heart that didn’t find a level of contemplation on which to dwell.


A tremendously visual and thought provoking read, The Wild Horses of Hiroshima is sure to win author Paul Xylinides a host of enthusiastic followers and  is recommended without reservation.

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The Wild Horses of Hiroshima

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