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Sometimes, Something Special Comes Along.

Something Like 'HOME' From A Master Storyteller

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Read about the night-time protectors, a different take on the gingerbread witch, which industry the Millennial Generation is killing this time, and how to REALLY say it with flowers.

A fun read that will have you laughing, crying and groaning by turns, The Writing Prompt Collection is the latest in a series of Anthologies by Natasja Rose.


Our review......

The need for diversity in literature has been gathering momentum and become much more prevalent in recent years. It’s not just in creating characters that resonate with readers but the authors behind the books as well and few are as notable as Natasja Rose. To this end, The Writing Prompt Collection is Rose doing what she does best and few readers will turn the pages without a nod of acknowledgement. A collection of verses, monologue and short stories, there are themes here that will strike an emotive chord whilst others will unashamedly pluck at the heartstrings. Of the latter, The Night-Time Protector is simply superb. Rose knows that children's books sometimes deal with sad topics as a way to introduce kids to the inescapable lows of life but recognizes that adults grasp the reality of a plot far more deeply. On this level, The Night-Time Protector is perfectly pitched with Rose proving her ability to connect with her readers on an emotional level and is indicative of other stories within.


Genuinely inspired works, The Writing Prompt Collection proves a truly engaging and beautifully written read and one that is highly recommended.

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Diversity In Short Fiction & Verse From The Imagination Of  Natasja Rose

The Writing Prompt Collection

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Embrace the real you with


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An Inspiring Collection Of Verse, Monologue and Shorts Stories

For Discerning Readers


It seems that superheroes are everywhere these days, and readers couldn’t be happier about it as they continue to migrate from the pages of comic books to prose fiction. Unfortunately too many follow a generic pattern and originality in the subgenre is still something of a rarity whilst few are significant for their quality of writing, depth and literary value. Rose seems acutely aware of this and has therefore delivered a novel which is wholly original. Read our full review of Between Darkness And Light by clicking on its cover image.

Love, Loss and Awakening